[tex-live] tlmgr and command interface

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jul 30 12:06:07 CEST 2009

Ciao Roberto,

some remarks

> The option --system is more clear and general than --self. 

Well, that is up to preferences, I like --self more.

> But a
> command >tlmgr update texlive.infra must be equivalent to the command
> >tlmgr update --system. 

No, because the whole point was to detangle the uupdates to critical 
from the knowledge which they are.

On Windows it is not only texlive.infra,
but also tlperl.win32, thus --self (or --system)
is not the same as giving one package.

> 1 - the option --all (first tlmgr provide eventually system update and
> after the remain package updates);

	tlmgr --all --self

> 2 - the option --system (only eventually system update will be performed);

	tlmgr  --self

> 3 - the option --package (only package updates are performed (not 

	tlmgr --all (--force)

> 4 - the option --interactive (tlmgr show the list of update items and
> waiting for a user input);

not implemented, and probably never will.
The update action is already so complicated that it is hard enough to 
follow the code flow.

> An --interactive update process simulation is this:
> >tlmgr update --interactive

If yo or someone else wants to provide
patches to tlmgr for that, please go ahead.

> TeX Live infrastructure update in progress...
> [1/3] update: texlive.infra (14483 -> 14485)
> TeX Live infrastructure update complete.

That cannot work, because we have to actually kill tlmgr so that the .bat 
finishes the update.

Thanks for yor ideas, some might be interesting, but regarding the --self vs
--system I prefer keeping --self to have
--system for other purposes. There is
only one namespace for all options of
all actions.


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