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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jul 30 03:10:32 CEST 2009

On 29 July 2009 Rowland McDonnell wrote:

 > [1] Does that anger you?  If so, look into your soul and meditate
 > for a while.

Rowland, many people invested an enormous amount of time in order to
provide all the documention which comes with TeX Live.  But all you
said is that the existing docs are useless.  They are definitely
useful, you are the only one who claims that all the effort was wasted
time.  I'm not sure whether you even read one of the files, but your
nagging is annoying and insulting.

Many people on this mailing list provided good advice, but in your
eyes all their help was useless (with a few exceptions).  Zdenek
Wagner told you three times how to install your private packages.
Did you follow his advice already?

 > Being a tyro seeking enlightenment, I'll just fuck off now and see
 > if I can find a /useful/ information source somewhere.

Good luck!  I'm pretty sure that Google provides everything you need
in order to use LaTeX 2.09 efficiently.  Don't know whether this is
what you are looking for.

 > For some reason, on these other mailing lists, I come across folk
 > who don't seem to have any inclination to provide useful
 > information but do send messages exhibiting outright hostility
 > towards me.  This happens seemingly because I'm too ignorant and
 > don't share their outlook and background with respect to the
 > technical matters in hand.

Yes, your ignorance is your problem.  They try to help you, but
instead of honoring their efforts you always tell them that their help
is useless (a few exceptions, though).  Of course, everybody is pissed
off.  What do you expect?

 > Clearly, discussions amongst the high-minded cognoscenti here are
 > not to be disturbed by lowly tyros seeking what you consider
 > trivial knowledge.

Pure nonsense.

 > I wonder what's changed?  I'm pretty much as I was.  Something else
 > is different...

A neighbor of mine is paranoid.  She has her own view of the world and
her biggest problem is that other people are so ignorant.  I don't
want to discuss this in detail, but I'm concerned about what you say.

 > Don't worry: I'm not going to pollute the tex-live mailing list
 > with any more doomed attempts to find items of technical
 > information to solve my technical problems.


> look into your soul and meditate for a while.

Do it yourself before blaming others. 

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