[tex-live] tlmgr query

Rowland McDonnell rowland.mcdonnell at btinternet.com
Wed Jul 29 22:54:29 CEST 2009

>Sigh, it is unfortunate to read this whole conversation.

It is indeed unfortunate to see someone come along and make some
unjustifiable false allegations about me against which there is no
defence - for no purpose other than stirring up shit.

I had hoped for a response to my technical queries.

Strange that I'm appparently a proper target for this sort of personal
abuse these days, when on old-tyme Mac TeX mailing lists I've been
considered one of the absolutely essential useful people (and also given
that personal abuse isn't really what technical mailing lists are for).

There's my name, in the OzTeX `thanks' list, and it's only there because
I was such a useful, friendly, helpful bod on the OzTeX-info mailing

I wonder what's changed?  I'm pretty much as I was.  Something else is

Consider the following:

<news://comp.text.tex> gave me information - almost instantly - about
tex-live that you lot denied me.  I seem to be able to get on with
people on that newsgroup without any trouble at all.

Curious, that.  Maybe there's nothing wrong with me at all really?

For some reason, on these other mailing lists, I come across folk who
don't seem to have any inclination to provide useful information but do
send messages exhibiting outright hostility towards me.  This happens
seemingly because I'm too ignorant and don't share their outlook and
background with respect to the technical matters in hand.

Don't worry: I'm not going to pollute the tex-live mailing list with any
more doomed attempts to find items of technical information to solve my
technical problems.

Clearly, discussions amongst the high-minded cognoscenti here are not to
be disturbed by lowly tyros seeking what you consider trivial knowledge.

Being a tyro seeking enlightenment, I'll just fuck off now and see if I
can find a /useful/ information source somewhere.

I'm certainly going to get nothing but more shit here, and the TeX Live
documentation's also certainly not got the information I need in any
readily accessible place.[1]


[1]  Does that anger you?  If so, look into your soul and meditate for a

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