[tex-live] missing data files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 26 23:19:41 CEST 2009

Hi Herbert,


    are missing. Should be installed under


    and, if possible, not as a tarzip

I was just copying what is on CTAN.
It was because they were .tgz that I put (left) them in doc.  I assume
having a .tgz in the runtime is useless.

Anyway, in this particular case, there's a bigger problem.  The
uncompressed dataII is some 124 megabytes.  I'm sure there is not enough
space for that on the DVD.  (The uncompressed 16MB of data.tgz is bad

So I'm not sure what to do.


P.S. for all: I will be offline most of the next two weeks.  After I get
back, I plan to start updating the documentation, calling for final
binary builds, package updates (the sooner the better for these), etc.
Hopefully we can make the final DVD images before EuroTeX.  It's a goal

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