[tex-live] tlmgr query

Rowland McDonnell rjmmnet-lists at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 26 19:12:51 CEST 2009

>Rowland McDonnell wrote:
>> I wouldn't say that those notes describe anything to anyone who's
>> not a stone cold expert in TeX system development.  I certainly
>> can't learn much from it, except that Norbert Preining's done an
>> awful lot of work
>There is a detailed article:
>   http://www.logic.at/people/preining/pubs/at07.pdf
>read that one.

I'll read that if I ever manage to find the information I need to
understand it.

So far, I've had not much more than insults and hostilty in response to
my attempts to find out what I need to know to understand the
documentation that you fully informed experts wrote for other fully
informed experts.

>> sorting out a new way of - well, I'm not sure exactly what he's
>> achieved aside from mis-spelling `Italia' ;-).
>What is mis-spelled here? I don't see it. 

<http://www.logic.at/staff/preining/talks/guit07.pdf> begins thus:

TEX Live’s new infrastructure 
Norbert Preining 
Vienna University of Technology, Austria 
guItmeeting 2007 
Pisa, Ialia 13 October 2007 

If you cannot see an error in the above cut-and-pasted quotation from
your slide, you should visit first your optician and then perhaps a
psychologist if it turns out that there is nothing wrong with your eyes.

>If you are not capable of
>reading Italian, sorry. I am.

Me?  The only Italian /I/ can read it the stuff you find on musical
scores and I've forgotten most of that.  But I know damned well that
`Italia' has a `t' in it.

I think it's not languages you need to learn but politeness and perhaps
a little humility?

> Click on it and you will see many comments
>about Italian Language etc.

I'm sure you are full of arrogance and a certainty in your own


Now, if you really don't have anything better to do than snipe and
snarl, please stop sending me your deliberately insulting and upsetting


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