[tex-live] tlmgr query

Rowland McDonnell rjmmnet-lists at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 26 18:56:53 CEST 2009

[snip unhelpful upsetting email]

I think it's strange that you were willing to spend considerable time
writing a deliberately insulting, unhelpful, and upsetting  email in
response to me, but were not willing to try to provide any useful

I cannot find a TeX Live manual.

There is a document called the TeX Live guide, which is rather unhelpful
to a newcomer and does not contain the information you claim is in the
TeX Live manual.  Nor does it contain a pointer to a TeX Live manual.

But it does say on page 3 of that TeX Live guide that the TeX Community
is friendly.

Can anyone here tell me where I might find that friendly TeX Community?

If you can, I'll leave you lot in peace.


P.S.  You need to understand that a lot of your assumptions are wrong.
In particular, you've no idea the huge pain that Mac users go through
when trying to set up MacTeX if they want anything other than an
absolutely 100% standard installation - which you get by pressing the
`go' button on the MacTeX installer.  No interaction with the command
line or tlmgr or *ANYTHING* like that is needed - just install MacTeX,
fire up TeXShop, and there's a standard LaTeX setup which is all the
average Mac user can ever have now.  Local variations are simple not
accessible to the average Mac user who's installed MacTeX.

Plenty of people have given up trying to install local variations to
their MacTeX installations, others struggled on as I did.

You must also bear in mind that most people (not just Mac users) CANNOT
learn from man pages.  Learning from that sort of source is a skill that
only a minority of people can learn.

I have failed to learn it despite about 20 years of trying.  My mind
works the wrong way.  I could explain it in detail, but you lot are not
interested in understanding or explaining, just upsetting me and
belittling me.

Now then, my problems in that line could easily be overcome if only you
lot were willing to provide me with a few items of basic information to
help me over the usual hurdles I face at the start of trying to learn
anything about computer stuff these days.

Any time I've had my few basic questions answered in a decent fashion,
I've had no trouble.

For reasons I cannot understand, you lot refuse to answer my questions
but will spend considerable time writing emails to upset and belittle

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