[tex-live] Suggestion for tlmgr

Sven Bovin Sven.Bovin at cw-thaler.com
Thu Jul 16 10:28:03 CEST 2009

First of all: thank you all for TeXLive...

I have a suggestion for the tlmgr: some time back someone on comp.text.tex wondered why tlmgr did no longer update his or her TexLive 2008 installation. The answer turned out to be that the package repository for TL2008 was no longer updated since all effort went into TL2009.

Would it be possible to have tlmgr issue a message to the user when the repository has been frozen ? Something like 'Thank you for using TexLive XXXX. Our repository is now frozen since we now concentrate on bringing your TexLive (XXXX+1)' ?

Kind regards

(a happy TexLive user since around version 4)

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