[tex-live] Error at installing TeX-Live 2008 on Ubuntu

Max Strobel strobelmax at gaponline.de
Thu Jul 9 19:41:38 CEST 2009

Norbert Preining schrieb:
> On Do, 09 Jul 2009, Max Strobel wrote:
>> sudo: ./install-tl: command not found
> chmod +x install-tl

Thanks that was it.
Now I observed, that the installation is stopping on different packages.
Now it once stopped on package pstrix, three times on allrunes.
I also tried to start it with ./install-tl -v, but I can't find the
log-file. Could you say me, were it is saved?
I will try it once more to install with the option "v" and will send you
the log-file, when it breaks and I know, where the log is saved.


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