[tex-live] Linux Libertine and TeX Live 2008

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jul 7 17:56:36 CEST 2009

On Di, 07 Jul 2009, Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> I tried again to install TeX Live 2008 (using the tiny "network installer"), this time on C:
> And it just won't work.

Well, that is *absolutely* useless remark if you don't provide any
output of the process.

Please, get the install-tl package from CTAN, and start it, and send the
output in the terminal window.

> The installer apparently misses to put a _lot_ of files into the destination folder. 

Hard to diagnose without a crystal ball.

> And if I copy them to the installation folder from the DVD by hand, tl-portable.bat still complains that it simply can't find some files, whatever they are.

tl_portable???? What are you talking about?

Did you use the DVD for installation?
Did you use the network installer to download from the network?
Did you use tl_portable to set up a minimal system without installing
  all the stuff to your hard disk?

Did you read the quick install document?

> Simply copying over the whole DVD contents at least produces a LaTeX "installation" that _somewhat_ works, so I consider the installer as, sorry, plain useless §$%&#?!.

Sorry for you, but if you don't cooperate you will have the same
experience next year. 

Witout any reasonable arguments, terminal output, log files that is just

> Anyway, as a long-time Mac user, an application that (seems to) require
> any kind of "installer" in order to be used is seriously flawed imho.

Bullshit. Sorry.

Do you really think that *all* the Mac software work *WITHOUT* installer
only because *YOU* didn't see the installation process????

> Or rather, it's the "software" in the brains of the corresponding developers that's seriously flawed. MacOS has had zero-install applications since 1984. That's a quarter of a century ago now.

Hahaha, joking. Only because they install a default system without any
user choice does not mean that there is no isntallation program.

Please become reasonable.

If you provide more serious information we can help you, for ranting
please leave this list.

Best wishes


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