[tex-live] Linux Libertine and TeX Live 2008

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at gmx.net
Tue Jul 7 17:39:21 CEST 2009

> > The TeX Live 2008 installer never worked for me, and thus there's no package manager either.
> Really??? That sounds strange? What were the symptoms? 

I tried again to install TeX Live 2008 (using the tiny "network installer"), this time on C:

And it just won't work.

The installer apparently misses to put a _lot_ of files into the destination folder. 

And if I copy them to the installation folder from the DVD by hand, tl-portable.bat still complains that it simply can't find some files, whatever they are.

Simply copying over the whole DVD contents at least produces a LaTeX "installation" that _somewhat_ works, so I consider the installer as, sorry, plain useless §$%&#?!.

In any case, tlmgr.bat just shows an empty command.com window with a blinking cursor for a few seconds and then quits without any further result.


Anyway, as a long-time Mac user, an application that (seems to) require any kind of "installer" in order to be used is seriously flawed imho. Or rather, it's the "software" in the brains of the corresponding developers that's seriously flawed. MacOS has had zero-install applications since 1984. That's a quarter of a century ago now.




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