[tex-live] pretest: epstopdf overwrites existing files

Angelo Graziosi angelo.graziosi at alice.it
Tue Jul 7 09:04:21 CEST 2009

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:

> If there is an EPS file only, the situation is clear,
> epstopdf would generate a pdf file (using suffix in name).
> However, what is to do, if a PDF file exists (without suffix)?
> Should it be used instead of generating a PDF file (with suffix)?

If a PDF file exists, it SHOULD NOT NEVER overwritten and it SHOULD 
ALWAYS BE used!!! And a generated pdf, NEVER BE DONE!!! Why should one 
waste time in generating something that already exists? Consider a 
document with a lot of figures...

Often I have spent time to obtain a good quality PDF file from which I 
have gotten the EPS. Why should I lost this work in favor of an 
automatic conversion?

In other word, I think that foo-gen.pdf (or foo-aux.pdf?) should be done 
ONLY and ONLY if an EPS file exists!

But those are only my opinions :-)


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