[tex-live] Sharing installation over Lan

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Jan 30 11:24:39 CET 2009

Marco Pallante wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Here at work, I've some degree of freedom in choosing my working
> tools. One of these
> choices involves the documentation part (I'm the only software
> developer, uhm... well
> trainee, in a little electronical/mechanical engineering company).
> My obvious choice was to drop Word and switch to LaTeX. My computer, here, is a
> little outdated... I've as little as 9Gb harddrive loaded with so many
> things I can't delete.
> Therefore, I installed TL2008 on my remote directory on a NAS. Under
> WinXP, everything
> works wonderfully.
> For my needs, I've been given another 80Gb hard drive because I had to
> install a Linux
> distribution under a virtual machine. The remote NAS directory is
> fully accessible from
> the Linux (Ubunti 8.10) virtual machine and I'd like to use the TL
> I've installed on it
> just adding the Linux support.
> I'm not sure on how to proceed. I think I've to start a fresh
> installation from Linux and
> giving it the path to the mounted remote dir (changing the TEXDIR
> var), but I'm not sure
> about what to do with the TEXMFSYSVAR and TEXMFSYSCONFIG vars. I looked at
> the official docs and searched this list, but wasn't able to find anything.
> Due to the slowness of my machine, installing TL from scratch inside
> the virtualized
> Linux machine is NOT an option.
> Thank you very much for your help, and please forgive me if I'm asking a stupid
> question.
> Bye,
> Marco Pallante

if the NAS can be mounted on the linux box, then adding the path to the 
linux texlive binaries to your $PATH would be enough

We do something similar here. TeX Live sits on NFS and all users have 
the path to the linux binaries in their $PATH. That works just fine. We 
even mount the NFS share on some secretary MACs, saves me a lot of time 
in administration.

And now with tlmgr it is even easier.



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