[tex-live] oversimplyfied test for lzmadec existence

Jukka Salmi j+tex-live at 2009.salmi.ch
Mon Jan 19 09:39:30 CET 2009

Hello Karl

Karl Berry --> tex-live (2009-01-18 12:48:40 -0600):
> [Combining replies.]
>     I just wondered why it shouldn't be possible to e.g. list the supported
>     archs (`tlmgr arch list') just because the arch I'm running tlmgr on is
>     not supported...
> In general, the first thing we do is see if the programs exist.  
> Ideally it would happen on the fly when the programs are actually
> needed, but that is not the reality and I don't think it would be easy.
> (Feel free to delve into it, though.)

I'll have a look at it, but probably not in the next few weeks.

>     Hmm, but I think we already reached a [1]consensus on this...
> Ah, true.  And I think we installed your patch for it (from
> http://tug.org/pipermail/tex-live/2008-October/018895.html) some time ago.


>     Maybe TL should support an additional "other" architecture: 
> Sounds reasonable.  Would you like to make a patch for that?

Sure, as soon as I find enough time (which is definitely not during the
next few weeks).

>     The attached patch changes this behaviour (in a backward compatible way,
>     of course ;-)) to try to run the program even if the absolute path is
>     not given.
> I installed your patch, modulo some cosmetics.

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Jukka

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