[tex-live] I am very angry now.

Philip TAYLOR (ret'd) chaa006 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 12:48:56 CET 2009

Norbert Preining wrote:

 > On Do, 15 Jan 2009, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

 >> Perhaps Yue Wang is using junction points;

 > Whatever that may be ... sounds like something dangerous,
 > contagious and somehow mysterious.
Off-topic, but perhaps of interest :

At my suggestion, our window cleaner decided
against an Iomega 250Gb external drive and
went instead for a Seagate 750Gb at only
1.5x as much.  I went round to install it
for him, and found that the Seagate backup
tool, whilst happy to backup up his "My documents",
would neither backup up "\Documents and Settings"
(grandparent of "My documents") nor even
"\Documents and Settings\Trevor" (parent of
"My documents").  And it would neither back up
"C:\" nor most  of the pre-created top-level
directories under "C:\".

In the end, I used Junction Magic to graft a link to
"Documents and Settings" into "C:\DO NOT DELETE",
and told it to back up the latter.  Result :
Trevor is now able to back up /all/ of his
data, not just the 2/3 that are in "My documents".

Junction  Magic, in careful hands, is a Wonderful Thing [tm].

** Phil.

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