[tex-live] I am very angry now.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jan 15 11:26:15 CET 2009

On Do, 15 Jan 2009, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Looking in TL svn, this switch was present until revision 10210, Sat  
> Aug 9 20:42:59 2008 UTC.
> And until revision 10032, Sun Aug 3 11:47:14 2008 UTC, there was a  
> typo ($tl instead of $td) which means the directory would have been  
> lacking from those commands; hence they start from the root.
> So it seems Yue Wang has a somewhat old version. I haven't compared  
> what's on the physical DVD, but surely that predates some of these  
> fixes in svn?

Yue, please get a updated installer, you seem not to use neither the DVD
nor the current installer ... I suggest:
- edit the uninst2.bat file and remove the two lines with del /s ...
- uninstall the whole of texlive (should be safe now)
- remove any leftover
- get a new installer from CTAN 
- use that one for installation
- check the created uninst2.bat, it should not contain the /s switch 
  AT THE del command, and the full path to the README and LICENSE files


And thanks to Jonathan for digging this up.

Best wishes


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