[tex-live] I am very angry now.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jan 14 14:08:27 CET 2009

On Mi, 14 Jan 2009, Yue Wang wrote:
> Yes, I have backup for most files. (although not recent backup, I lost

Good to hear.

> During the installation, the installer pop up a dialog and ask me
> whether to uninstall or not.

Yes, that is right.

> Then it launch a command window and showed certain normal things, and
> then it showed:
> -- Deleting c:/Music/....

*VERY* strange, because the uninstaller is created at installation time
(that is the reason why I asked you for that) and it tries to make sure
not to remove anything outside the tree.

Assuming that you have not installed into c:/Music/... I cannot grok it.

> OK, I will do it the day after tomorrow. (I should restore my hard
> drive first, and make a new backup to dvd, since it is dangerous~).

Do simply the installation, without the uninstallation, and send the
files in tlpkg/installer/ (uninst.bat, uninst2.bat, unshort.bat). That
should suffice.

> There is also a problem with the installer. Sometimes it install
> programs to C:\Program\texlive instead of C:\Program Files\texlive.
> But it is not easy to reproduce the problem:(

Hmm, strange. What language version of Windows do you have? But this
looks like a quoting problem, no idea where it could come from.

> And most time even the installation path is right(Program Files), if I
> run luatools --generate, context --make, it assumes the texlive
> installation is in C:\Program\texlive. Pretty strange...

Yes, that is a known issue, I think Taco or Hans posted already several
times that spaces in names are NOT supported in ConTeXt markIV, ie all
the lua stuff. Here I cannot do anything against that.

Best wishes


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