[tex-live] install-lt: about -profile and -location

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jan 13 13:58:57 CET 2009

Hi Felix,

first of all thanks for your feed back.

On Fr, 09 Jan 2009, fkater at googlemail.com wrote:
> I run "install-lt -profile my_profile" but it seems that I
> cannot set multiple platforms/binaries by a profile.
> Instead only the automatically detected platform is used.

You have to do *one* installation wit both platforms, and then reuse the
generated profile as saved in DEST/2008/tlpkg/texlive.profile.

If using that did not work then this is a bug. Can you confirm that?

> Secondly, it seems to be hard to re-use already downloaded
> *.tar.lzma files. Imagine that I have a profile and once
> created a set of 800 packages. Then the temp files were

It should reuse .tar.lzma in the DEST/2008/temp directory, but it checks
the size and md5sum of the downloaded package.

> deleted automatically (no chance to keep them? So I hurried
> up to copy them before the installation was over).

Ah, you mean that. Yes, the package is removed immediately after
installation. So you suggest adding an option -keep that keeps the temp
.tar.lzma files in the temp folder. Right?

> The '-location' option does not seem to be
> appropriate here since it expects a complete schema (which,
> in the minimal case, does not help to install *additional*
> things, and, in the 'full' case is simply not present at
> install time). 

Yes, the location needs a full distribution with tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb etc
etc. Otherwise the installer will not know what to do with the stuff.

To repeat:
- please check that installing from a ready made profile does not work
- you suggest adding a -keep (or similar) option to the installer so
  that temp .tar.lzma are kept.

Best wishes


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