[tex-live] Bugreport: typos in man page of "xdvi"

Martin Mai martinmai1024 at web.de
Sun Jan 4 21:51:56 CET 2009

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In man page of xdvi (man xdvi), I see the following typos:

- unneccessary -> unnecessary (this is in description of -paper option)

- used for the the magnifier -> the the is doubled (this is in
description of the -rulecolor option)

- encosed -> enclosed (this is in the description of the -sourceposition

- occurences -> occurrences (this is the description of the
-sourceposition option)

- currenlty -> currently (this is in the description of the "Space key"

- numbers correspond the the actual page -> the the is doubled (this is
in description of the g keystroke)

- turing on -> turning on (this is near end of "STRING SEARCH" section)

- segmeted -> segmented (this is in "PRINT DIALOG" section)

- continously -> continuously (this is in description of "Ruler Mode")

Also, in "man xdvi", I notice that the "-browser" option says "the
following default value is used: netscape -raise [...]". Hmmm, netscape
is obsolete now. Ubuntu uses Firefox.

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