[tex-live] (no subject)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 28 01:10:45 CET 2009

    I consider it a bug if dvips
    ignores \special{papersize=...}

I expect -t would override a \special but haven't tried it.

Anyway, if anyone finds a bug in regard to dvips and paper size
handling, I need the actual dvi file, the actual dvips command line, the
actual config.ps being read, and a statement of how the actual output
differs from the expected output.  There are too many variables
otherwise to guess.

We made changes in dvips's paper size stuff last year precise to keep
ps2pdf happy.  In short, a paper size operator is always executed when
one is available (at PostScript execution time).  These changes are
described in the dvips manual.

Unfortunately I just learned from John Bowman that that had 
undesirable effects for asymptote.  Therefore I added a "nopapersize"
paper size which does nothing.

That's where things stand now.  Nothing was specifically changed
regarding \special handling.


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