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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 16:28:21 CET 2009

2009/2/23 Steve MC Han <hmc0907 at yahoo.com>:
> Hi Tomek,
> Thank you for your help in installation of TexLive.
> Can you give me some hint for this problem:  If I compiled the following
> file with latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf, then the result is something wrong (see
> the attached aa.pdf). The same type of file was perfectly OK with
> TexLive2007.
> I suspected this might be "dvips" problem, so I reinstalled ghostscript (old
> version), but still having the same result. Can you figure out what seems be
> wrong?
You should set the correct papersize so that it is inserted in the PS
file, otherwise ps2pdf takes the default which is "letter". The best
way is to include \special{papersize=width,height} in the preamble of
your document or just below \begin{document}. If the class properly
defines all dimensions, you can use \the\paperwidth and
\the\paperheight as the dimensions. Another possibility is to use -T
dimensions when running dvips.

> Thank you,
> Steve
> \documentclass{beamer}
> \usepackage{beamerthemesplit}
> \title{Example Presentation Created with the Beamer Package}
> \author{Till Tantau}
> \date{\today}
> \begin{document}
> \frame{\titlepage}
> \section[Outline]{}
> \frame{\tableofcontents}
> \section{Introduction}
> \subsection{Overview of the Beamer Class}
> \frame
> {
>   \frametitle{Features of the Beamer Class}
>   \begin{itemize}
>   \item<1-> Normal LaTeX class.
>   \item<2-> Easy overlays.
>   \item<3-> No external programs needed.
>   \end{itemize}
> }
> \end{document}

Zdeněk Wagner

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