[tex-live] mpost version

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri Feb 20 09:11:45 CET 2009

Karl Berry a écrit :
>         result = mpx:execute(string.format(preamble,name))
>         print(string.format("dumping format %s in %s", name, mem_name))
> I don't understand why you are worrying about creating a mem at all in
> your code.  Seems undesirable.  We don't want every mplib-using package
> to think it should need to create a mem.

I'm worried about creating a .mem for it to work on my computer... And 
if people will want to experiment it before TL2009, they will need to 
create a .mem too.

> Those particular names are impractical without doing much special-casing
> since "plain" is not related to argv[0].
> Unless mplib is doing something other than using $engine, it seems to me
> that if someone runs (pdf)lua(la)tex that runs mplib that needs a mem,
> it'll end up wanting web2c/luatex/luatex.mem.  As opposed to when
> someone runs mpost directly, it'll want web2c/mpost/mpost.mem.

LuaTeX with mplib doesn't care about the name of the executable, the 
.mem file is a variable so it can be any name. I would just need the 
name it will have in TL2009 so that the package works directly... 
plain.mem, luatex.mem, etc. are fine for me... And also: how will it be 
found by kpse? With the --engine=metapost switch or a --engine=luatex?

Thank you in advance,

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