[tex-live] mpost version

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 20 02:12:13 CET 2009

    elie> will the versions of the mplib in LuaTeX and Metapost 
    be the same in TeXLive 2009?


        result = mpx:execute(string.format(preamble,name))
        print(string.format("dumping format %s in %s", name, mem_name))

I don't understand why you are worrying about creating a mem at all in
your code.  Seems undesirable.  We don't want every mplib-using package
to think it should need to create a mem.

    taco> but I am not sure that sharing the actual mem files would be
    > the best idea. 

What's the problem?  But anyway, I'm not sure if they will be.

    taco> Perhaps it would be better to have engine-specific
    >   web2c/metapost/plain.mem
    > and
    >   web2c/luatex/plain.mem

Those particular names are impractical without doing much special-casing
since "plain" is not related to argv[0].

Unless mplib is doing something other than using $engine, it seems to me
that if someone runs (pdf)lua(la)tex that runs mplib that needs a mem,
it'll end up wanting web2c/luatex/luatex.mem.  As opposed to when
someone runs mpost directly, it'll want web2c/mpost/mpost.mem.

Anyway, we can figure out a way to create this luatex.mem, whatever its
name is, at install time (which is the default in TL).  It'll be a lot
easier to experiment with this stuff when we actually have the new
binaries in TL, which won't be a while.  And getting the mem created
will not be a big issue, relatively speaking, so let's not worry about
it for now.

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