[tex-live] merging texmf-doc into texmf-dist

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 18 23:30:00 CET 2009

Sorry for not being more explicit in my original message.  I never had
any intention of blindly copying the {english,german,...} directories
from texmf-doc to texmf-dist/doc.  That <language>/ level would disappear.

My general idea was to merge the documents from texmf-doc into the
"appropriate" directories of texmf-dist/doc, where I could figure one
out.  Perhaps introducing one or two new texmf-dist/doc/xxx subdirs if
needed.  Obviously I can't say precisely how it would all shake out
without actually doing the work.

I agree with the suggestions to put the language information into the
Catalogue.  And we could do this for everything in texmf-doc now, i.e.,
I could send Robin a patch for the Catalogue xml's, so we don't lose the
information that is inherent in texmf-doc now.

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