[tex-live] mpost version

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Feb 17 11:18:21 CET 2009

Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi Elie,
> On Di, 17 Feb 2009, Elie Roux wrote:
>> with the same version of mplib. In the current (svn) version of LuaTeX, 
>> the mplib is in version 1.102, and in TeXLive 2008 the version of 
>> Metapost is 1.005.
>> The questions is: will the versions of the mplib in LuaTeX and Metapost 
>> be the same in TeXLive 2009? If not (which I would perfectly 
> Well hopefully. We are quite far from doing binary updates/builds by
> now, but of course 2009 will contain the latest version of everything
> available.
> And yes, we hope to have the latest luatex (something which is
> practically impossible unfortunately, there is always a newer release)
> and mplib.

I have scheduled mpost 1.200 and luatex 0.40 (with mplib 1.200) for
inclusion in texlive, so they would be the same indeed.

There should not be a need for a special format just for mplib,
but I am not sure that sharing the actual mem files would be
the best idea. Perhaps it would be better to have engine-specific




because otherwise people would always have to update metapost and
luatex at the same time.

Best wishes,

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