[tex-live] config.gsftopk overwrites maps defined in ~/.dvipsrc

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri Feb 13 23:22:41 CET 2009


the file config.gsftopk [1] basically looks as follows:
p psfonts_t1.map

This means that the list of map files is to be erased and replaced by 

Since gsftopk reads config.gsftopk after ~/.dvipsrc the above 
config.gsftopk makes it impossible to add additional map files in 
~/.dvipsrc and thus makes it impossible to add additional fonts via the 
my ~/texmf tree.

Would it be possible to change the above line to
p +psfonts_t1.map
? Or do you have strong reasons for erasing the list of map files in 


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