[tex-live] {config,psfonts}.{ams,cm} and .{amz,cmz}

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Thu Feb 5 02:08:38 CET 2009

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Karl Berry wrote:

> I have been working with the AMS on packaging the new release of
> amsfonts.  On CTAN, the following dvips-related files exist:
>     2002/08/31 |    167 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/config.ams
>     2002/08/31 |    258 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/config.amz
>     2002/08/31 |    185 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/config.cm
>     2002/08/31 |    262 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/config.cmz
>     1997/06/25 |    490 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/psfonts.ams
>     1997/06/25 |    921 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/psfonts.amz
>     1997/11/11 |   1385 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/psfonts.cm
>     1997/11/11 |   2586 | fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky-contrib/dvips/psfonts.cmz
> Is anyone knowingly/explicitly using any of them now?  It looks to me
> like updmap does not.

Ahh, that's a long history... And yes, updmap never used those files.
psfonts.* could be declared directly in config.ps, while config.* were 
used in the command line: -P s (load config.$s).
> config.{amz,cmz} (+p lines for dvips) and their companions
> psfonts.{amz,cmz} (the map entries) were an old way that Thomas had
> implemented Type1 downloading for AMS+CM, since superseded.  TL has
> apparently not distributed psfonts.cmz since 2005; we still have
> psfonts.amz, but that's just an oversight.

But we still have in TL:
config.amz and psfonts.amz
config.cm  but no psfonts.cm
config.cmz but no psfonts.cmz

So the questions is: do we still need all such config.* and 
psfonts.* files? 
> The other files, config.{ams,cm} and psfonts.{ams,cm} are about treating
> the AMS and CM fonts as built in to a printer (no download).  There are
> no options in updmap to control this, and I am doubting that anyone has
> such printers in this day and age.

IMO, they are completelly obsolete. But if we intend to still keep some 
config.* and psfonts.* for ams and cm, it would be more natural to use 
{ams,cm} instead of strange {amz,cmz}.
> Please let me know if I am mistaken, and/or you are using any of them.
> Else they will be dropped.

As for me, we can drop all that mess and distribute only .map files 
on CTAN and in TL.

> P.S. The map files and base35-related files are an entirely different
> story.  I am not talking about those here.  The above relates *only* to
> these dvips config+map files for cm + ams.

Yeah :-) 

All the best,

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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