[tex-live] Desktop environment and texdoc viewers

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Dec 31 17:00:44 CET 2009

Adam R. Maxwell a écrit :
> Maybe you had a flashback to texdoc prior to 0.42, which changed -v from
> version to verbose :).  I don't see -V listed in the --help output for 0.60,
> even though it's in the code.  Is that an official option?
It is. texdoc --help says

"the usual --help and --version options are also accepted."

(probably should say "the usual -h, --help and -V, --version...", I'll fix it).
Anyway, it is an official option (it's in the manual, 3.2.2 in the current version).

Currently a few options are still accepted though they are not documented any
more in the output of --help because they are deprecated (eg --search has been
renamed to --showall). Those cause a warning:

mpg at roth:~% texdoc --search foobar
texdoc warning: --search has been renamed to --showall
texdoc warning: Please use the new name.

mpg at roth:~% texdoc --regex foobar
texdoc warning: Regex mode is deprecated and will likely be removed soon.
texdoc warning: Please protest on the texdoc mailing list if you need this.



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