[tex-live] packages with characters > 127

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Dec 31 14:37:51 CET 2009

Zdenek Wagner a écrit :
> ^^xx is 8-bit representation but written in 7 bits. If you do not know
> the encoding of the file, you are not able to read ^^xx properly. If
> it's \catcode is set to 15, you get an error. If it's \catcode is 14,
> you lose that character and everything till the end of the line. If
> the character is in the body of a macro, you get strange errors when
> the macro is expanded. Only LICR is safe (unless you redefine \v, \'
> etc).
Most of the packages I'm taking about are packages using £ to delimit 
blocks of code, or strange 8-bit quotes in error messages, etc. meaning 
things encoding-independant. I'm not writing to authors of packages 
working only with very specific encodings, for example I didn't write to 
the maintainer of numerus.sty that has some text in 8-bits, because it 
will work only with luainputenc anyway... For these packages the 
situation is ok as it is now (meaning they have to be used with a 
specific encoding specified with inputenc or luainputenc).

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