[tex-live] Should .tds.zip be encouraged?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Dec 31 01:25:12 CET 2009

    > http://tug.org/texlive/pkgcontrib.html

    Dan, thank you for the reminder.  I wonder if that paragraph might have
    slipped Karl's mind?

No, it didn't.  I think what I had written on pkgcontrib.html is
accurate (in fact, I updated that page just before I sent my reply, and
just updated it again).

My general theory is that for complex packages and expert authors,
creating a .tds.zip is plausible and potentially useful for TL.  For
normal packages or naive authors, it is neither plausible nor useful,
and (IMHO) we shouldn't breathe a word suggesting that it is a good
thing for everyone to attempt it.

Usage of .tds.zip by users (Robin's concern) is a different matter, and
we are discussing another option on that front.  Jim, I expect you'll
hear about that soon if you haven't already.


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