[tex-live] packages with characters > 127

texnicien de surface le.texnicien.de.surface at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 30 10:42:22 CET 2009

Robin Fairbairns a écrit :
> does yvon read the tl group?  
I didn't but thanks to you I can discover these messages as I come back 
home after a tiny break.
> in case not, yvon, the problem here is
> non-ascii characters, which will not ordinarily work with the utf-8
> based tex variants.  this is bad enough news in the .dtx, but it's
> catastrophic in the .sty file.
Well, I assumed that I could use an iso-8859-15 encoding for the French 
version of the documentation.
If needed I could prepare a utf-8 version but I will need some time and 
my machine back --- broken again :-(

For the sty files engpron and paresse I do use an active character which 
really is above 127. I don't see how I
could change that in the near future. I don't even know if I want to do 
it. But in case it's a problem for CTAN, I am
ready to discuss the future of these files.
> this .sty would have been deleted at install time, nowadays, so i've
> deleted it now.
Had I but known  I could have spared a (tiny) bit of sweat there ;-)
>> Finally some packages (mostly by the same author) have a more tricky
>> case: they can only be generated with LaTeX. For these packages, the
>> question is: can LaTeX have the same behaviour as TeX for output
>> files? If yes, can ctan2tds be changed to make it happen? The packages
>> are:
>> - engpron.sty from engpron.dtx (the .sty file should also be removed
>> from the CTAN)
>> - silence.sty from silence-doc.dtx (idem for the .sty file)
>> - paresse.sty from paresse.dtx (idem for the .sty file)
> i've deleted those three (all by yvon, too).
I beg to differ! I didn't author silence.sty (or I was in a really 
strange state at the time).
I think that I have ensured that only latex can run the ins file of 
engpron but I certainly did not do it for paresse.

I suppose there will be some pieces of news at the beginning of next year.

Until then, I stay tuned.

Happy new year to all

Le TeXnicien de surface aka Yvon Henel

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