[tex-live] couldn't install on Windows 7

Harald von Aschen harald.von.aschen at gmx.de
Mon Dec 21 02:31:01 CET 2009

At 01:10 21.12.2009, Geoffrey S. Knauth wrote:
>[ I forgot to CC the list.  --G ]
>On Dec 20, 2009, at 18:34, T T wrote:
>2009/12/20 Geoffrey S. Knauth <geoff at knauth.org>:
> >>  Perl.exe has stopped running
> >> or words to that effect.  Has anyone else seen that?
> >
> > No, nobody reported such a problem, AFAIK. Is it win7 64 or 32 bit?
>Win7 32 bit (for now).  The machine is capable of 64 bit but I 
>didn't feel like reinstalling all my kids' stuff when doing the 
>Vista->Win7 upgrade.
>I just tried `install-tl -version' and the result was the same alert:
>  Perl.exe has stopped working
>  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
>  Windows will close the program and notify you
>  if a solution is available.
>Typical polite but useless message from Windows.  I didn't see 
>anything useful in the system logs, but then I don't know my way 
>around Windows as well as I do around *nix.
>This Win7 system does not have Cygwin on it.  It didn't think that 
>was a prerequisite.  Please let me know if it is.  I don't mind 
>installing that too.

Here: Windows 7 test system 32 Bit (in Virtualbox). You don't need 
Cygwin. (Although you _could_ install TexLive in Cygwin if you want.)

How have you tried to install it and which version? I have done an 
installation "over the internet" as described in 
http://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire-netinstall.html, installed it in a 
console (cmd) with "run as administrator" and then "install-tl 
-no-gui". Have you changed the standard installation path? (I have 
changed it, no blanks in path and no problems.)

Perhaps looking into your path variable could help? Does command 
"perl -v" work for a normal user in a new console window without 
switching in any TexLive directory structure (e.g. in the installer 
bin directory)? (Another perl version already installed?)

Is DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled for all programs? (It is 
advised to do so, e.g. current Adobe Acrobat security issue, 
http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisories/apsa09-07.html, but 
sometimes this can have some side effects.) Enable/disable described 

Best regards, Harald 

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