[tex-live] couldn't install on Windows 7

Geoffrey S. Knauth geoff at knauth.org
Mon Dec 21 02:00:58 CET 2009

On Dec 20, 2009, at 19:36, T T wrote:
> Bummer. I don't know what to suggest. Do you use net installer or iso
> image?

net installer; I'm going to try the iso.xz in 22 minutes or so

> You may try to remove
> [install-tl.zip]/tlpkg/tlperl/bin/perl.exe.manifest and see if that
> changes anything (I doubt, but you never know).

no change

> Also check if
> 'tlpkg/tlperl/bin/perl.exe --version' works at all.

same alert from windows (perl.exe has stopped working)

> It is really strange that it crashes. I would like to know whether
> it's one of the modules or perl.exe itself.

I tried running just perl.exe using cmd and cd'ing to that bin directory.  Same problem.  Seems Perl itself just won't start.  At some point I did see an error code 0xc0000005.


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