[tex-live] installing of (additional) executable files

Jobst Hoffmann j.hoffmann at fh-aachen.de
Wed Dec 16 13:27:46 CET 2009

On my (Linux) system the installation of the latexdiff package

[14/14, 04:19/04:19] auto-install: latexdiff.x86_64-linux [1k]

wasn't completed in the sense, that the links which should be set
according to tlmgr option showall

# tlmgr option showall
Destination for symlinks for binaries (sys_bin): /usr/local/bin

aren't set. I believe, that "setting the links for autoinstall" is
missing in the tlmgr software but there may be some other problem on my
site. I can set the manually but I think, that this would be the  wrong

Best wishes and many thanks for your works

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