[tex-live] Will LuaTeX be updated to its latest release?

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Dec 16 12:10:56 CET 2009

TeXWorld a écrit :
> But installing the last version of LuaTeX is a bit more difficult :
> -place the binaries at the right place (luatex, dviluatex, lualatex,
> dvilualatex, texlua, texluac) ???
> -make all new formats
> -renew mpost.mem and mpfun.meme files with the luamplib-createmem.lua
> script to enable luamplib package to work with lualatex.
> -etc ???
> And be careful : if you decide to update all packages with tlmgr (and
> particularly the luatex package), the version of LuaTeX will come back
> to default TL09 LuaTeX  version.
That's why I suggest *not* installing the new LuaTeX executable in bin/yourarch,
but create a new pseudo-architecture as /bin/yourarch-local. You put the newest
LuaTeX binaries here, then make symlinks to the regular bin directory for all
other executables.

Example Unix script:

cd TLROOT/bin
mkdir x86_64-linux-local
cd x86_64-linux-local
cp path/to/downloaded/luatex .
for l in pdfluatex lualatex pdflualatex texlua texluac; do
ln -s luatex $l; done
for f in ../x86_64-linux/*; do ln -s $f; done

Then you subsitute TLROOT/bin/x86_64-linux-local to TLROOO/bin/x86_64-linux in
your PATH, and regenerate the formats and .mem files. That way, you can even
easily switch between version of LuaTeX simply by changing your PATH (an
regenerating the formats and mem files: you can have a shell alias for that if
you switch often).

> So I think it's a good idea to have tlmgr able to update LuaTeX.
I agree, but I think an external repo like the upcoming context minimals repo
would be the best place for such updates.


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