[tex-live] listings.sty Suddenly Broke

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 16 00:09:05 CET 2009

    (1) Does someone else see the same (wrong) behavior on their installation?

Yes.  With my stock TL'09 installation, I get the correct lines with the
incorrect line numbers.  Removing the listings.cfg that is in TL'09 made
no difference.

    I cannot find a version of the PDF that worked
    that was certainly produced with 2009 _or_ 2008. 

listings.sty was last modified (in TL) on Jun 10, 2008.  I surmise it
is a bug introduced in that version, and needs to be reported to the
listing maintainers.

If your luck is in, you might be able to simply drop your 07
listings.sty into your book directory and use it with 08/09.

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