[tex-live] listings.sty Suddenly Broke

Brian C. Ladd laddbc at potsdam.edu
Mon Dec 14 23:47:31 CET 2009

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I am not sure this is a TexLive question. Heck, I am not sure of anything right
now except that when I built the document 10 days ago listings.sty numbered the
listings correctly. Today, not so much.

Sample file: testing.tex
% comment one
% comment two  --- need to fill out the line count a little bit


Output: xelatex testing.tex
1 % comment one
2 % comment two  --- need to fill out the line count a little bit
3 Testing
4 \lstinputlisting[numbers=left,linerange={3-4,7-8}]{testing.tex}

The _lines_ are the right lines, extracted from the file. The line numbers, on
the other hand, are wrong. Using firstnumber=3 it is possible to get the first
group of numbers right.

I am using XeLaTeX (the real files are all fontified and such) but this sample
compiles and produces the same output for latex, pdflatex, and xelatex (didn't
try any other flavors).

What has changed in the last week? Nothing that I know of. No, really, I have
done standard updates but I have not touched TeXLive since I dropped 2009 on the
machine. The data files have been updated a lot but I distilled the problem down
to this sample and it doesn't want to work.

I would appreciate any guidance available because I am pulling out large clumps
of hair since this should not have changed.

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