[tex-live] Problem with euler virtual font in TeX Live 2009

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 7 23:12:34 CET 2009

    I like to use eulervm package in LaTeX sometimes. But today I installed 
    TL2009 and there is a problem with it... Here is error code:

Need to see the source document (as small as possible please), but see

    Don't understand why it's looking for zeusm7.mf. 

It couldn't find the .tfm so it's trying to create it.

    It should be looking for zeusm7.tfm (that's what I expect from last
    line). The file zeusm7.tfm is somewhere in texmf tree and it's
    already hashed.

Nevertheless, it's not being found.
1) kpsewhich zeusm7.tfm should output something ending with

2) If you have any TeX-related environment variables set (e.g., from
   previous installations), try unsetting them.


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