[tex-live] PS-View as Standard Application for PDF?

Klaus Hoeppner klaus at dante.de
Sun Dec 6 17:55:14 CET 2009


> Can one of the Windows users test it please?
> - download a current installer package
> - download only TLWinGoo.pm and replace the one in the unzipped installer
> - install with proper setttings.

I didn't do a full reinstall, but at least the following:

tlmgr postaction --w32mode=user remove fileassoc tlpsv.win32

and the file associations in HKCU were removed.

Then I replaced  the existing TLWinGoo.pm in tlpkg\TeXLive and tried

tlmgr postaction --w32mode=user install fileassoc tlpsv.win32

Since neither a file association for .ps existed in HKCU nor in HKLM, an 
association was created in HKCU. Since an association for .pdf existed 
in HKLM, nothing was created for .pdf in HKCU. With --fileassocmode=2 
the association for .pdf was created, too. Looks like the expected 


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