[tex-live] PS-View as Standard Application for PDF?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Dec 5 12:04:48 CET 2009

On Sa, 05 Dez 2009, Klaus Hoeppner wrote:
> TL.PSVIEW. May it be that when installing as user it just checks for  
> existing registry keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, not the association key in  
> HKLM (or checking HKEY_CURRENT_ROOT, what are the merged keys for the  
> machine and the current user)? I just did a reinstall by running  

Ah yes, that is a good point. AFAIU (and my knowledge of Windows is
quite limited) this is actually the case. If you install as user only
HKCU is used. But you are right, we should probably check in the
user case also HKLM. I don't know enough whether there is a unified
way for checking so that you get the association from whichever place
where it is defined, but that would be the best solution.

Thanks for checking and testing, I guess we will fix it in due time,
speak when one of our few WIndows gurus can cook something up.

Best wishes

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