[tex-live] Is tlmgr 2008 now completely unusable?

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Dec 2 15:21:13 CET 2009

B Wooster a écrit :
> This seems like a topic that was well known to texlive users, but
> casual users would find it very hard to find the info

Actually, no, the topic is not very well known. As Norbert pointed out,
it's our first new release since tlmgr exists, so we are still lacking
experience with package management and network installation/updates.

Remember that 2 years ago, your only option was to pick a scheme or a
set of collections at install time, period. So the question of the
lifetime of a texlive release just didn't exist.

With the arrival of tlmgr, a whole new set of question arises, and user
expectations grow very quickly. While it is our ambition to satisfy
these new expectations as much as possible, it will take some time: we
need to identify the new problems, find solutions and implement them,
taking into account the technical constraints.

Anyway, sorry for this problem and thanks for your suggestions.


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