[tex-live] Is tlmgr 2008 now completely unusable?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Dec 2 06:19:03 CET 2009

On Di, 01 Dez 2009, B Wooster wrote:
> so cannot install the full texlive collection. But I would like, for
> 2-5 years at least, be able to pick and choose new packages to install
> as the need arises. Updating full texlive every year is just not an
> option.

Then you have to sponsor CTAN nodes with a new computer, hard drives,
infrastructure and band width.

Sorry as far as we see we cannot provide old TL releases that way.
THere is simply not the space.

If some brave soul steps forward to set up a texlive-archive server
we can probably scrap together the last state of TL2008 and put it
there, but the regular services CTAN/TUG are not up to that, we are
all depending anyway on the goodwill of universities and other
instiutions providing bandwidth, servers etc.

Then, you simply can download the original TL2008 .iso image it is
for sure still around somewhere, or ask a friend.

> packages or re-install existing packages if needed? Same issue for
> when 2009 moves to 2010, and when 2010 moves to 2011 etc..

Yes, but as said, we hope to make updates smooth across releases which
should make it less aproblem.

> I guess I don't fully understand how come there are no 2008 archives
> available (even if they are not updated and are static copies) ...

space issues, very simple.

Best wishes


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