[tex-live] Catalogue sources

CTAN maintainer Jim Hefferon ftpmaint at alan.smcvt.edu
Sat Aug 29 01:47:59 CEST 2009

> Are you concerned about spam bots getting a bunch a fresh email
> addresses from the Catalogue sources? AFAIK, the bots don't crawl SVN
> repos yet...

We've been here a long time (well, anyway, Rainer has) and hope to still
be here some time in the future.  :-)

> Actually, the CTAN itself holds quite a lot of email addresses and
> personal information, mostly in plain text or other easily readable
> format. Is there really much more information in the Catalogue sources
> than is publicly available on the CTAN (including of course the HTML
> versions of the Catalogue) or elsewhere on the web? Is this
> information more sensitive that what is usually available from other
> similar projects (informations form CPAN or bugtrackers etc)?

I like "the CTAN".  I may swipe that.  :-)

I can't speak for the other CTAN folks but if an author sends me, say, a
README with an email address then I don't mail them back to tell them I
think they should omit it.

The difference with the Catalogue, to my mind, is that *we* author it.

I have had authors fill in the upload email field with a bogus address
and then I tracked them down, and they expressed concern about spam--
they are afraid that the announcement will contain their address.  A
person may well consider that concern overblown (I do) but it is
different to my mind for them to expose the address than it is for us to
do that.


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