[tex-live] changes to infrastructure update on win32

T T t34www at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 27 00:41:31 CEST 2009

Dear all,

More changes coming with tomorrow's updates. Infrastructure update on
Windows has been reworked to increase robustness, suppress spurious
error reporting and ease troubleshooting.

All complex processing logic has been moved to tlmgr and the updater
batch script has been drastically simplified. Only the commands
necessary to accomplish the update are in the batch script.
Furthermore, all these commands are run with echo on and the output is
logged to temp/update-self.log file (or stderr in verbose mode: tlmgr
-v ...). This detailed logging should ease troubleshooting a lot.

As a side-effect of output redirection you will only see the messages
that are explicitly redirected to the console window. Only the
critical errors, i.e. errors leading to the update failure, will be
signalled. If you want to know if each and every last command executed
successfully, you will have to inspect the .log file or run the update
in verbose mode.  A typical console output will look like this:

TL>tlmgr update --self
tlmgr: package repository F:/DEV/tlrepo/tlnet
Preparing TeX Live infrastructure update...
TeX Live infrastructure update in progress ...
Detailed command logging to "F:\DEV\tl 2009\temp\update-self.log"
self update: texlive.infra (14766 -> 14857) texlive.infra.win32 (14740 -> 14829)
Infrastructure update finished successfully.
You may now close this window.

In gui mode there will be no longer a dialog window pop-up at the end
of the update. It was stripped to keep things simple. You will have to
get friendly with the console black box and read messages from there,



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