[tex-live] EC license

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Aug 27 00:11:17 CEST 2009

    copyrite.txt in the
    distribution of EC fonts contain a custom license

I agree the EC license contains undesirable clauses.  I do not agree
that it is rendered nonfree.  You are welcome to remove them from your
distro if you choose (of course).

    It's broader than that of ukhyphen.tex which was removed 

ukhyphen.tex may have been removed from Debian (I don't know the final
outcome), but not from TL.  It is still in TL now, now renamed to
hyph-en-gb.tex and part of the hyph-utf8 package.  (Which, as far as I
can tell, the ukhyphen license allows, likewise undesirable as it is.)

      EC fonts: strange license wording, asked Karl Berry to contact JÃ¶rg
      Knappen, the author

    Was there any progress on the issue?

No.  The last time I heard from Jorg Knappen was in 2000.  I'm not sure
if I ever wrote him about these licensing issues.  I wrote him about a
different issue (updating the glyph shapes to match Knuth) in March 2008
and did not hear back.

Feel free to contact him if you want to pursue it (of course).


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