[tex-live] Graphics in multicolumn text using pdflatex

John Minter jrminter at rochester.rr.com
Wed Aug 26 03:47:52 CEST 2009

I am trying to use pdflatex to typeset a multicolumn article. I have  
run into an annoying error that a Google search shows others  
encountered but offers no solution. My hope is that someone here can  
say, "I struggled with and solved this problem..."

I want to use the multicol package to be able to change columns  
without having a page break. The problem comes when I try to enter  
graphics in the multicol environment like:

\caption{My caption.}

produces the info:

<pdf/my_fig.pdf, id=1, 822.07124pt x 597.23125pt>
<use pdf/my_fig.pdf>

followed by the error:

Package multicol Warning: Floats and marginpars not allowed inside  

Any ideas how to fix this. I am using a current  version of the TeX  
Live 2009 Preview.

John Minter

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