[tex-live] ifplatform: Detection of TeX Live on Windows

Alexander Cherepanov cherepan at mccme.ru
Wed Aug 26 00:13:21 CEST 2009

Hi T!
On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 16:56:07 +0100, T T <t34www at googlemail.com> wrote:

>> It says "unix":-)
> Not very useful then.

>>> It works on my XP.
>> In miktex or in texlive?
> Both.

If it fails only on very old miktex+win98 then it can probably be 

>> BTW can you print something on your printer by \write'ing to prn?
>> What's happening when you \read from con?
> I haven't tried with tex but the following perl snippet works as you
> would expect - it reads lines of input from console until you pass EOF
> marker and then prints them to stdout:
> open TMP, '<con:' or die "open con failed: $!";
> my @lines = <TMP>;
> close TMP;
> print @lines;

With colon it fails on my Win98 both with Cygwin Perl and with 
ActiveState Perl. Without colon it works ok. For con.extension it 

> I think that access to nul, con, prn, etc. has been made transparrent
> to applications in NT.

Just another thing to keep in mind when processing .tex files from 
untrusted sources.

Alexander Cherepanov

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