[tex-live] Translating installer and TeX Live Manager

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Aug 22 11:12:32 CEST 2009

Dear all,

recently I have reworked the translation system for our programs in
TeX Live, that is the GUI installation and the tlmgr GUI. It now
uses normal .po files (but not gettext itself, I wrote my own parser).

Now I would like to ask those of you having interest to help translating
the messages in the GUI installers (perltk, and wizard (new in 2009)),
and the tlmgr gui.

Maybe some of you have already experience with .po files, the format is
quite simple. But still it is best to use one of the many po-editors.
I myself use poedit(.sourceforge.net) which is available in many 
distributions, and as binaries from the web site for Windows, Linux
and (AFAIR) even Mac.

I also wrote some explanatory notes which can be found in
from which I will include the part for translators here.

If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact
me, but be reminded that I am NOT (!) on the tldoc mailing list, so
put me on Cc.

If you have done any updates please send it to me.

I have added the names of the last translators AFAIR to the .po files,
and Cc those people having done translations. If I missed something
or put in a wrong name please excuse me and send me corrections!

The current status is as of today is
Czech (cs):		Michal Madr
translated:     144 ( 98%)
fuzzy:            2 (  1%)
untranslated:     0 (  0%) 

German (de):		several people, don't find the names anymore
translated:     143 ( 97%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:     3 (  2%)

French (fr):		Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard
translated:     120 ( 82%)
fuzzy:            1 (  0%)
untranslated:    25 ( 17%)

Italian (it):		Marco Pallante
translated:     145 ( 99%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:     1 (  0%)

Dutch (nl):		Siep Kroonenberg
translated:     146 (100%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:     0 (  0%)

Polish (pl):		Staszek Wawrykiewicz
translated:     122 ( 83%)
fuzzy:            1 (  0%)
untranslated:    23 ( 15%)

Russian (ru):		Vladimir Lomov
translated:     146 (100%) 
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:     0 (  0%)

Slovak (sk):		Ján Buša
translated:     146 (100%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:     0 (  0%)

Slovenian (sl):		Mojca Miklavec
translated:      52 ( 35%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%) 
untranslated:    94 ( 64%) 

Vietnamese (vi):	Han The Thanh (??? can't remember or find emails)
translated:     113 ( 77%)
fuzzy:            1 (  0%)
untranslated:    32 ( 21%)

Simplified Chinese (zh-cn):	Hongyi Zhao
translated:      50 ( 34%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:    96 ( 65%)

Traditional Chinese (zh-tw):	Hongyi Zhao
translated:      50 ( 34%)
fuzzy:            0 (  0%)
untranslated:    96 ( 65%)

Thanks a lot and all the best


Dealing with translations of TeX Live programs

For translators

BIG FAT NOTE: Before starting please always fetch the latest NN.po from
our svn server because we merge new strings into .po files in 
regular intervals.

using poedit (poedit.sf.net):

Starting new translation NN.po:
- start fresh poedit
- click on "File -> New catalog from POT file"
- select messages.pot (in tlpkg/translations/messages.pot)
- A dialog opens that asks for some fields, like
        Project name and version:
        Team's email address:
        Charset: UTF-8
        Source code charset:
        Plural Forms:
  etc all of which is unknown to me, but I filled in at least the Language
  and the email of myself of tex-live at tug.org
- click "Ok"
- select where to save (either in tlpkg/translations/NN.po or somewhere else
  and send us the file)
- start translating

Editing an existing NN.po:
- start poedit
- open NN.po
- start translating

Translating and remarks:
- click on the bold strings, those are missing the translation
- please use \" instead of ", as can be seen in the original strings
- several lines in the translations are merged together *without* adding
  anything. So if you want new lines please use \n in the text
  (as seen in several original strings)

We do update the messages.pot daily (nightly) and merge the strings into 
all the .po files (using msgmerge). That means if we change one of the
english strings the translation will normally be marked as "fuzzy" in the
.po file.

In poedit those fuzzy translations are shown in red, telling you that those
have had a change in the original string and the translation should be

So before any of you start out with editing a translation, please fetch the
latest messages.pot and NN.po

Best wishes


Dr. Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>        Vienna University of Technology
Debian Developer <preining at debian.org>                         Debian TeX Group
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