[tex-live] Updated Russian translation

Vladimir lomov.vl at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 09:59:37 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 18 of August 2009 00:35:40 Norbert wrote:
> > I found new item in installer: 'Allow execution ...' but something
> > strange with it: I translated this string in po file but when I run
> > './install-tk -- gui' this string has remained on English.
> Yeah .. my bug. Thanks for reporting that, I have fixed now the
> code for parsing the .po files.
And seems something was broken in another place?

I have just updated my texlive repository (from ctex.org using rsync) and in 
spite that 'ru.po' contains translation for all strings when I run
$ tlmgr --gui
I see English strings: (copy from terminal output)
Loading local TeX Live Database
This may take some time, please wait!
The same in "log window - log output".

Also some of messages in 'tlmgr' window are on English.
Namely, in box titled "Information on the selected item" (translated) in 
'Installation', 'Update' tabs I see (#1):
The database of the installation source has not been loaded.

Please use the "Load" (and possibly "Change") button to do so.

The same happens in 'Uninstallation' tab (#2): message
Really ...
on English while message on button is on Russian.

Note #1: this happened after I updated 'tlmgr'. When I run 'tlmgr' _before_ 
updating all messages were on Russian.

Note #2: if I click on "Load" button then message #1 is changed to
Please click on an item ... (translated version)
while message #2 remains on English.

Note #3: after updating packages in box titled like in #1 I see message on 
No updates found.

WBW, Vladimir

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