[tex-live] Cooperation of latexmk and certain LaTeX packages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Aug 16 03:12:21 CEST 2009

Hi John,

First, Heiko, you're by far the most important person to (dis)agree
and/or implement these log lines, please comment ...

        package_name: Converted `graphics.pdf' from `graphics.eps'
    whenever a file is actually converted.

Sounds fine.  Heiko?

       package_name: NO automatic update `graphics.pdf' from `graphics.eps'
    if the package will not automatically update the destination file when it 

As a trivial point, I suggest adding "of", as in "NO automatic update of".

       package_name: Will update `graphics.pdf' from `graphics.eps'

"Will automatically", for parallelism?  Or should it be "Would", because
it's for a future run?  Is it potentially for the current run?

    The last two messages should be provided whether or not the package has 
    actually done any conversion, so that the dependency information is clear.

Anyway, forgetting about the wording details ... I gather the idea is
that if a package (e.g., epstopdf) is configured to do conversions, it
outputs the "Will update" line regardless of whether the conversion is

That seems maybe ok, but the "NO automatic update" line seems odd to me.
If epstopdf isn't configured to do the conversions, it seems like it's
not going to know anything about the files at all.


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