[tex-live] epstopdf.sty 2008 vs 2009

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Aug 13 16:17:12 CEST 2009

> You have to use the option -shell-escape when tex-ing
> (see "latex --help", "enable \write18{...}").

Hallo Thorsten,

that has not been the problem in my case, but the new suffix-option of  
epstopdf. To restore the old behaviour of \DeclareGraphicsRule, one  
could to load epstopdf like this


or use newcommand{\DoNotLoadEpstopdf}{} before the \documentclass  

But then there is the (old) problem that files might be overwritten  
without intend. I think the new method offered by epstopdf, see  
Heiko's message, is much easier and more transparent.


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